Currently, almost the entire way of life is assisted by digital technology. Government financial reports are also provided on a computerized basis. To improve financial transparency, the provision of financial reporting to the government has used the State Treasury and Budget System (SPAN).

The use of the SPAN application is supported by other application systems which are also planned to be integrated with the Agency Level Financial Accounting System (SAKTI). SAKTI is an application that is used as a means for work units to support the implementation of SPAN which includes the planning stages to budget accountability. Therefore, every examiner at BPK needs to understand the concept of a database, have the skills, and technical understanding of the audit support information system. By following this training, examiners are expected to have the competence to deal with the complexities of existing databases.

The above was conveyed in the opening of the Computer Assisted Auditing Technical Training (TABK) face-to-face while still implementing health protocols on Wednesday – Friday, January 19 – 21, 2022. The Head of the Center for Planning and Organizing the Training, Juska Meidy Enyke Sjam conveyed that the aim of the training was to improve a comprehensive understanding of BPK examiners on databases that contribute to the preparation of Ministry/Agency Financial Reports (LKKL) and Central Government Financial Reports (LKPP) for Fiscal Year 2021.

The training participants totaling 108 examiners are the Chairs and Team Members in the State Finance Auditorate (AKN) I – VII. The participants will receive learning in the form of an overview of the Information System Supporting the Preparation of LKPP/LKKL/LKBUN, the basic theory of TABK and Big Data Analytics, and testing the accounting cycle.