Badiklat Profile

The establishment of the Training Institute of State Financial Audit (Badiklat PKN) began with the formation of the Education and Training Center (Pusdiklat) of the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK) in 1997, and the opening of its Kalibata location in 1999. Increased training demand for BPK auditors, in both quantity and quality, influenced the tasks and responsibilities of Pusdiklat BPK. Therefore, in September 2017, Pusdiklat BPK became Badiklat PKN.

Badiklat PKN is obliged to implement one of the strategies stated in BPK RIs’ Strategic Plan (Renstra) 2020-2024, namely, “Realizing an excellent center for education and training of state finance audit.” To implement this strategy, the Badiklat PKN supports the development of competencies required by each work unit to develop Strategic Initiatives (IS) of BPK Corporate University (CorpU).

BPK’s Internal organizational needs required the development of information technology innovation in a human resource capacity to improve state financial audit quality. As a response, BPK CorpU was officially inaugurated on April 8, 2021, with the vision of “Becoming a world-class Corporate University through education and development of competent and professional financial auditors.”

BPK CorpU is a learning system with a learning focus, wherein curriculum, syllabus, and teaching material designs are based on performance issues individuals and organizations face when supporting organizational goals. The development of attractive, flexible, and easily accessible learning content facilitates learning from anywhere and anytime.

BPK CorpU’s learning strategy is developed through Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and Learning Management System (LMS) digital platforms, which are digital learning and knowledge management platforms that allow BPK employees and external stakeholders can access relevant knowledge and study anywhere at any time without disturbing assignments or work.