Digital Enterprise Architecture (DNA) training for BPK employees

The Enterprise Architecture training was held over 3 (three) days on 25 – 27 September 2023. The 59 (fifty-nine) members of the Field Management Implementation Team on the BPK Digital Enterprise Architecture (DNA) Management Team grouped into 1 (one) class attended the training. The training which used the distance learning method was opened by the Director of Planning, Education and Training Centre of State Financial Audit, Dali Mulkana, Monday (9/25). He explained in his speech that “to develop organizational capabilities, BPK developed an Enterprise Architecture (EA) by aligning business processes (business architecture) with IT in the perspective of data (data architecture), applications (application architecture), and technology (technology architecture).”

All business processes are modeled and linked to various organizational dimensions. This business process provides information about business process interactions between organizational functions so that business process collaboration can be mapped.“In addition to the business process flow, every activity is connected to various dimensions in the organization such as applications, data, technology, risk, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), regulations, management standards, and other dimensions in BPK,” he said.By attending the training, it is hoped that participants will be able to become a driving force in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of BPK in achieving the expected goals. This is a form of follow-up to Presidential Regulation Number 95 of 2018, concerning Electronic-Based Government Systems (SPBE).