Badiklat PKN Holds Cyber Security Training for High Leadership Officials at BPK

BPK Senior Executives, including the Secretary-General, Inspector General, Director Generals, Senior Advisors, Directors, and the Heads of all BPK Regional Offices attended Classically held Executive Level Cyber Security training at BPK headquarters on Monday, October 9, 2023. BPK Chairperson, Isma Yatun also attended and opened this training activity.

She emphasized the huge impact and damage caused by cybercrime, both financial and long-term impacts, so the best way for organizations including the Supreme Audit Institution to implement proactive steps to mitigate risks and prepare a strong and comprehensive recovery plan to protect all stakeholders’ interests.

She said, “We appreciate the implementation of this training. Let’s unite to instill good cyber security habits starting from BPK Senior Executives as cyber security leaders and create a security culture at BPK.” She also reminded the Heads of all BPK Representative Offices to always maintain security when connected to the headquarters network, including encouraging security awareness among employees at BPK Representative Offices.

Cyber security is an action or effort to protect devices, systems, data, programs, or networks from dangerous digital threats or attacks. “Given the importance of cyber security, Badiklat PKN is holding Cyber Security Training aimed at providing BPK Senior Executives with deeper insight into the role of decision-makers in dealing with cybercrimes,” added Director General of BPK Training Institute, Suwarni Dyah Setyaningsih, when delivering a report on the training implementation.

Present as resource persons in this training was the Deputy for Government Cyber Security from BSSN), Sulistyo, and the Director of the BPK Information Technology Bureau, Pranoto. On this occasion, the Chairperson of BPK also expressed her gratitude to BSSN for the synergy and collaboration in efforts to ensure information security and build and implement comprehensive cyber financial governance.