Audit Communication Training for the Tangerang City Inspectorate to Realize Effective and Efficient Audits

Communication is an integral part of an audit. Planning assignments, Carrying out tests, and monitoring follow-ups require communication skills. Through good communication, audit implementation can run effectively and efficiently. Badiklat PKN organized a classically held Audit Communication Training for Tangerang City Inspectorate employees at Badiklat PKN Jakarta to fulfil these competencies on Monday (10/30).

Director of Planning, Education and Training Centre of State Financial Audit, Dali Mulkana, opened the training. He expressed his appreciation of the Tangerang City Government for their trust in collaborating with Badiklat PKN to increase the competency of Tangerang City Inspectorate employees.

Tangerang City Inspector, Budi Budaeri, stated that the training activities organized by Badiklat PKN are more applicable and can be implemented, so they help the Tangerang City Inspectorate to implement its duties, especially regarding technical obstacles in carrying out audit tasks.

Through Audit Communication training, it is hoped that auditors can further increase their effectiveness in carrying out their duties, such as overcoming obstacles in communication, understanding communication techniques in audits, understanding the urgency of communication for auditors, and becoming more skilled in communicating optimally, both within the team and with the auditee.