Badiklat PKN Receives “TERAPIH” Award

Congratulations Badiklat PKN!

Congratulations to Badiklat PKN on receiving the “the most orderly” award at the Opening of the 77th Anniversary activities.

Badiklat PKN received this award thanks to the support and commitment of management and employees who participated in the training, dress rehearsals, and performances at the Opening of the 77th BPK Anniversary activities opened by BPK Chairperson, Isma Yatun at the Head Office on Friday (10/28/2023).

Also present at the event were the BPK Deputy Chairman, Hendra Susanto, BPK Board Member II, Daniel Lumban Tobing, BPK Board Member V, Ahmadi Noor Supit, BPK Board Member VII, Slamet Edy Purnomo, Leadership Officials, and employees from BPKs Headquarters and the Training Institute of State Financial Audit.

These activities began on October 27th, 2023, and are, among other things, aimed at commemorating and enlivening BPK’s 77th anniversary and strengthening togetherness and kinship among BPK employees.