PSMK Directorate Employees Participate in Risk Management Maturity Training

In line with BPK Decree Number 6/K/IXIII.2/8/2018 concerning Policy for Implementing Risk Management in the Financial Audit Agency Environment and BPK Decree Number 7/K/I-XIII.2/9/2018 concerning Guidelines for Implementing Risk Management within The Supreme Audit Institution, BPK Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2024 stipulates, among other things, that Risk Awareness Culture is one of the things that must be implemented to achieve organizational goals. This is realized by establishing Strategic Initiative Business Case 1.2. Development of a Risk Aware Culture (IS-PBSR).

Furthermore, as the organization develops and the level of data processing becomes increasingly numerous and complex, BPK realizes the necessity of improving the quality of the risk analysis carried out. For this reason, a comprehensively coordinated special management system is needed.

As an implementation of the Risk Awareness Culture Assessment, the PSMK Directorate as the coordinator of risk management implementation needs to measure Risk Management Maturity. This maturity measurement is also one of the points for achieving the PSMK IKU.

To support this, Badiklat PKN held a Risk Management Maturity Training for PSMK Directorate employees, over 2 (two) working days November 6-7, 2023, which was attended by 15 (fifteen) participants. The Director of the Academic and Learning Technology Centre, Dwi Setiawan Susanto, opened the training on Monday (11/6/2023).

The Head of the Performance and Risk Management Sub-Directorate, Iwan Arief Wijayanto, was present at the opening, during which he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity given to the PSMK Directorate to take part in the Risk Management Maturity Training. This training aims to build HR competency in measuring RM maturity using RM maturity measurement instruments.

Graduates of this training are expected to be able to measure BPK’s risk management maturity based on the ERMA ISO 31000 Risk Management Maturity Model instrument.