Level I Public Goods and Services Procurement (PBJP) Competency Training and Level I PBJP Competency Testing

Presidential Regulation Number 12 of 2021 Amending Presidential Regulation Number 16 of 2018 on Public Procurement of Goods/Services, states that Civil Servants who will carry out their duties as Commitment Making Officials, Procurement Officials, or Selection Working Groups are required to have certified competency.

Public Procurement of Goods/Services (PBJP) has a very important role in supporting the realization of excellent public services and equitable development that helps reduce economic inequality.

Good procurement of goods/services will determine the success or failure of finding a provider who can carry out the work. Besides that, procurement of goods/services using public funds can encourage the rotation of the economic wheels and spur regional economic growth.

To support competency development through certifying competency, Badiklat PKN held Level 1 Public Goods and Services Procurement Competency Training (PBJP) and Level 1 PBJP Competency Testing. Director of Planning, Education and Training Centre of State Financial Audit, Dali Mulkana, opened the training on Monday (12/2 /2024).

The training, including the Competency Test, will be carried out over 14 (fourteen) working days from February 12-28, 2024. The 28 (twenty-eight) training participants include PBJ Managers and prospective PBJ Managers who act as Selection Working Groups and Procurement Officials within Badiklat PKN BPK RI. This blended learning training aims to enable participants to explain learning materials per PBJP Level-1 Competency Standards.