Jambi Provincial Inspectorate Employees Participate in Performance Audit Training at Badiklat PKN

Performance audits are key to fulfilling the government’s obligations in performance accountability to the people. These audits provide confidence in the information reported regarding the results of programs or activities and the internal control systems within the organization/institution.

To fulfill HR competency in the field of performance audits, Badiklat PKN in cooperation with the Jambi Provincial Government held classical-style Performance Audit Training for Jambi Provincial Inspectorate Employees at Badiklat PKN, Jakarta (2/26).

Deputy Director of Training Organizer, Eko Purwanto, in his speech, revealed that the role of performance audits in the government sector needs to be immediately implemented now and in the future. This is in line with Government Regulation Number 60 of 2008 concerning Government Internal Control Systems, which states that APIP must carry out internal supervision over the implementation of the duties and functions of the Regional Government, including its performance.

Apart from being able to provide direction for improving government management, performance audits can produce performance improvements in effectiveness, efficiency, and economy. Training activities were held for 5 (five) working days from February 26 to March 1, 2024.

During this speech at the opening activities, the Secretary of Jambi Provincial Inspectorate, Agus Herianto expressed his appreciation for the opportunity given by Badiklat PKN to explore knowledge related to performance audits. Through this training, it is hoped that it can provide and improve the knowledge, skills, quality, competence, and capability of inspectorate employees to carry out regional government performance audits.