Badiklat PKN Holds Implementation of Risk Management in BUMN Workshop

Board Member VII of the Audit Board of The Republic of Indonesia, Slamet Edy Purnomo opened the Implementation of Risk Management in BUMN (SOEs) Workshop, which was held classically at the BPK Auditorium, Tower Building 2nd floor, BPK RI Headquarters, on Monday (5/13).

In the briefing he delivered at the opening, he said that BPKs’ audits of BUMN management differ from auditing ministries, Institutions, and Regional Governments, because of the differences in profit-oriented BUMN management procedures, structures, and governance. SOEs are much more dynamic. “For this reason, BPK auditors need to be equipped with in-depth understanding and knowledge regarding risk management.”

Director General of the Training Institute of State Financial Audit (Badiklat PKN), Suwarni Dyah Setyaningsih, in her implementation report, revealed that Badiklat supports the development of the competence of employees, especially auditors who will carry out audit duties. Therefore, holding this workshop follows up on previous training activities regarding risk management. This activity was attended by 75 participants, comprising Structural and Functional Officials within AKN VII and Badiklat PKN.

BUMN as accountable entities with important roles in the country’s economy must implement the principles of Good Corporate Governance, including Risk Management. Implementing Risk Management in BUMN includes planning, regulation, leadership, and controlling company activities to minimize risks. By implementing Risk Management, BUMN can effectively and efficiently manage risks, and improve the Company’s performance and competitiveness.

To deliver and present more detailed and in-depth information regarding this matter, qualified resource persons were made available to discuss risk management in several BUMNs in Indonesia. They included (1) PT Pertamina Director of Risk Management, Ahmad Siddiq Badruddin, who explained Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) at PT Pertamina, (2) PT Bank BRI Director of Risk Management, Agus Sudiarto, who explained Sharing Risk Management, Strengthening Governance, Mitigating Risk and Ensuring Sustainability, and (3) PT. PLN Director of Risk Management, Suroso Isnandar, explained Forward-Looking Risk Management, Turning Risk into an Opportunity to Build Indonesia’s Electricity Future.

It is hoped that this workshop will provide an understanding of the concept and implementation of risk management in several BUMNs, an understanding of best practices in implementing risk management in entities, and identify risks and carry out reviews of entity risk mitigation when carrying out audit tasks.