West Kotawaringin Regency Government Employees Attend Expenditure Treasurer Capacity Strengthening Training

Good clean government requires state financial managers to work according to the demands of an increasingly critical and transparent society in the government administration process, necessitating improvement in the quality and professionalism of state apparatus, including the Expenditure Treasurer and SPKD Financial Administration Officials.

Heads of Regional Governments appoint the Expenditure Treasurer and SPKD Financial Administration Officers to manage finances in the Regional Apparatus. Their duties are to manage regional finances, including reviewing and understanding the budget items they control and manage, so they must be held accountable per the norms and procedures stipulated in the provisions of statutory regulations.

Expenditure Treasurers and SPKD Financial Administration Officers must be aware of and comply with the provisions of these laws and regulations, mitigating risk when carrying out their duties, including in facing audits carried out by either APIP or BPK. To support relevant competency and knowledge of Expenditure Treasurers, the West Kotawaringin Regency Government collaborated with Badiklat PKN to hold Training on Strengthening Expenditure Treasurers Capacity in Accountable Financial Management. The Deputy Director of Training Organizer, Tyas Utami Dibyantari, opened the training on Tuesday (6/11).

Secretary of BKPSDM West Kotawaringin Regency, Elly Rosdianne attended the opening. The face-to-face training activities take place from June 11-14, 2024. This training will present materials such as risk, transparency, accountability, and systems and administration of documents by the Expenditure Treasurer. Expenditure Treasurers who graduate are expected to have good knowledge, skills, and attitudes in implementing, administering, and being accountable for managing Work Unit DIPA per the provisions of statutory regulations.